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SAS Studio Task: how to cause a dataset to show up in "Output Data" tab

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SAS Studio Task: how to cause a dataset to show up in "Output Data" tab

I've created a SAS Studio task, which consists of entering in some information in prompts, which then is passed to a macro and then an output dataset is created.  I'm running this in SAS Studio Basic version 4.7, on a Windows server but without metadata server/etc, if this is relevant.


If I use the "outputdata" input type and maintain that dataset name for my output dataset, the resultant dataset shows up in the "output data" tab just like a normal SAS Studio or EG code execution.


However, ideally the dataset would have a more complex name determined by the prompt values, and I don't want my user to have to re-type all that information into the outputdata box. I'm not using any of the features of outputdata controls, anyway (they can't browse for libraries or anything); just using it as a fancy text box.


I haven't been able to figure out how to get that dataset into a more complex naming scheme but still show up.  For example, if I simply add a suffix of the userID, it no longer has an output data tab nor any datasets to view.  The datasets are created, just to be clear, I'd just have to find them myself in the dataset browser.


Is there a way around this?  Can I explicitly specify a name?  I've tried using the %web_open_table macro, which I don't find much documentation of so I may be misusing; I've tried modifying the velocity variable of the dataset name, but I imagine that's not right; and am probably past my level of knowledge here.

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