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SAS Studio Connection Issues

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SAS Studio Connection Issues

I'm SAS Admin and facing couple of issues from users:


a. When SAS Studio nothing happens ?  What shall we do on the user side to make sure when they launch SAS Studio URL, SAS Studio screen shows up ?

b. When user is working in SAS Studio and it goes into inactive mode, it doesn't login back despite numerous attemps ?  What's the underlying issue ?

c. Unable to connect to the current workspace server.  Select a different workspace Server


Thanks in advance !

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Re: SAS Studio Connection Issues

Hi @SAS_1001, so sorry you had all that trouble! Did this resolve? If not, I have some new info that may help. Please see the comment by @AmyP_sas under https://communities.sas.com/t5/SAS-Analytics-U/Service-Temporarily-Unavailable-Error-503-an-update-f... for details.

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