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SAS DI Error

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SAS DI Error

Dear Friends,


I am using Oracle Bulk Loader option for loading in to oracle, but getting following error.

Please help.


...ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access /sasconf/Config_Lev1/Lev1/SASApp/BL_STG_CUSTOMER_DTLS_1.ctl.


Thanks & Regards,


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Re: SAS DI Error

Dear @sas_pkc1,


I would say you need your SAS Admin to grant your user the required access on the filesystem... although I am a bit concerned that your code is writting BL_STG_CUSTOMER_DTLS_1.ctl in that location. You should probably write that file in a separate location that has the appropiate permissions.

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Re: SAS DI Error

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By default your workspace server session runs with that location as current working dir. That will give you issues when you (or some underlying code) use relative pathnames as it is not a place any admin will gladly allow you write access, as @JuanS_OCS rightly said.


Have a look at SAS Note 50345 that discusses this and proposes a way of dealing with this for once and for all. You will need your trusted SAS admin to implement this.


Alternatively you can direct the bulkload files explicitly to a location of your choosing with the BL_* (BL_DATAFILE, BL_CONTROL etc.) dataset options. Refer to the online docs for details.


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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