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Pallet Optimization

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Pallet Optimization

Hello Everyone,


I have requirement to model optmodel codes for pallet optimization. 


The description is summarised below.

1. There are 8-10 boxes with length and width in cm which has to be stored on big pallet

2. Pallet dimension is L (length) * W (width)

3. Now, these boxes should be arranged in such a way that it consume less area on the above mentioned pallets. It can be rotate by 90 degrees. i.e. length can become width.

4. User can assign thier own values for the dimensions of boxes and Pallet

5. There is no stacking i.e. no additional layer of storage

6. Assume that height is not the constraint.

7. It depends only on legth and width of the boxes


Kindly help me to build this model.


Thank You,


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Re: Pallet Optimization

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Better post it at OR forum.

Calling @RobPratt

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Re: Pallet Optimization

This problem was discussed recently here:



In that case the orientations were fixed, but you can easily modify the model to allow a choice of orientations by introducing binary variables.  Can you please share sample data?

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