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PROC GEOCODE: SAS University Edition?

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PROC GEOCODE: SAS University Edition?

I am having issues invoking PROC GEOCODE. I have SAS University and when I type the function it appears to highlighted blue just like other functions, however, when I run the code it gives me this error:

ERROR: Procedure GEOCODE not found

Is Geocode included in SAS University, if not, is there a way to download it?

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: PROC GEOCODE: SAS University Edition?

No. You can't PROC GEOCODE is included in SAS/GRAPH , But UE don't have it unless you want pay some money .
Or you could try other free one, like Google API .

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Re: PROC GEOCODE: SAS University Edition?


Be careful of Google, Bing and other legal rules.  

For example with Google, unless you have the paid Google plan, using the Google geocoder standalone (not with a Google map) may be illegal. 

They require that you use Google Maps with most 'content'.  Content can be the result of the geocoder.



10.4.d. No use of Content without a Google map. Unless the Maps APIs Documentation expressly permits you to do so, you will not use the Content in a Maps API Implementation without a corresponding Google map.

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