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New to SAS

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New to SAS


I am a long time C programmer but new to SAS, I just installed the app on my loal. I am looking to import few samples to get started. I appreciate it if you can send me few links.

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Re: New to SAS

This is a very broad question. Popular entry level books are "The Little SAS Book" and "SAS for Dummies".


Have a good SAS journey.



- Jan.

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Re: New to SAS

HI, since you did not specify what "app" you just installed (SAS for Windows, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS University Edition), it is hard to decide which one of the many samples to send you.

However here is our free tutorial library: http://support.sas.com/training/tutorial/

and to understand SAS Programming in a more organized way, you can activate the free Programming 1 from this web site: https://support.sas.com/edu/elearning.html?ctry=us&productType=library (look for the orange "Start Now" button at the top of the page).

And we have a large group of datasets already for you to practice with. They are in the SASHELP library, so depending on what "app" you installed, you should be able to find the way to see SAS libraries fairly easily and you can use any of the data in the SASHELP library just by referring to the 2 level name (which you will understand better if you take Programming 1).

Here are some simple procedure examples to get you started:
proc freq data=sashelp.shoes;
tables product;

proc freq data=sashelp.cars;
tables type /nocum nopercent;

proc means data=sashelp.cars min mean max median;
class type;
var mpg_highway;

proc print data=sashelp.class;

and here is documentation on all the SASHELP data for you to practice with: http://support.sas.com/documentation/tools/sashelpug.pdf

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Re: New to SAS

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Hi Synthia

Thank you for the reply, I am running SAS studio ver. 3.5 on windows. The
sample you provided will get me started.



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Re: New to SAS

Thank you all for responding, this is going better than I expected .

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