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JRE location for downloaded SAS Studio

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JRE location for downloaded SAS Studio

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I'm having some truble running SAS Stuio on Windos 7. I downloaded a version of SAS thruough my school, and when I try to open SAS Studio it wants me to select a JRE location. I'm really not sure what to do!

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Re: SAS Studio

It's probably in \Program Files\Java\version#\jre, or in the bin below that.

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Re: SAS Studio

SAS provides its own Private Java Runtime, which normally is under C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASPrivateJavaRunTime\9.4\jre\bin.

But, it might be that the SAS Studio you downloaded has some modifications and requirements than what SAS provides. I would contact the person who published the software you installed, and ask for support.

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