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Information Center

I have downloaded Virtual Box and SASUniversity Edition vApp and started to run it, though I haven't been able to locate SAS University Edition: Information Center, click Start SAS Studio from http://localhost:10080.

Could I be directed where I can click Start Studio to run my SAS studio??



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Re: Information Center

Hi Owaga,

When you run VirtualBox and start the SAS University Edition vApp, you should see a black console screen that gives you the URL to use (http://localhost:10080).  You can see a picture of the console screen in this FAQ topic:

How do I run the SAS University Edition vApp in VirtualBox?


Then, in a web browser on your local machine, enter http://localhost:10080.  That should open the Information Center, which is shown in this topic:

What is the SAS University Edition: Information Center?


From here, you can click the Start SAS Studio button.


I hope that helps get you started!


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