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How uninstall SAS University Edition

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How uninstall SAS University Edition

    Can someone tell me where to find the 2 gig. SAS University Edition app after it has been installed on my Macintosh? The downloaded installation file has the name "unvbasic…ova".
     I'm trying to completely uninstall all software modules associated with the SAS University Edition whose license expired in July, before attempting reinstallation of a just downloaded version of the said app.  
     My removal process has begun with using the uninstall tool for VirtualBox, and now I'm trying to get rid of the SAS app and any connected files.  
     I also learned in another thread that you must carefully clear the cache on the browser you used to start SAS!
     I appreciate SAS giving us professors free access to the software; but shouldn't we also get better help when we want to get rid of it properly, especially when we are stuck with the software already installed on our machine but now incapacitated by an expired license?

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Re: How uninstall SAS University Edition

SAS UE is delivered as a Virtual Image.  It is not installed as an app on your machine.  You need to find where VirtualBox stores the virtual image file, then delete the image file (could be Documents, could be program install location, without your machine I can't tell you).  Unistalling VirtualBox just removes the software which allows you to run the virtual image.  


Also, and downloaded file you have can simply be deleted from Windows Explorer.

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Re: How uninstall SAS University Edition

You can contact support@sas.com for direct support if desired. 


Look for a folder called virtual images or VMs and you'll find the file. Then you can delete it. Deleting it from Virtual Box should be enough though, and it should have asked if you want to remove completely in which case it would have deleted the file already. 


Before July you would have had easier upgrade options. 

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Re: How uninstall SAS University Edition

Thanks to you both RW9 and Reeza.  I also got surprisingly quick telephone help from someone at SAS Support.  I wish to note that I initially I got into trouble because the downloading operation on the 500-meg. update file froze on multiple occasions, each time with a message inviting me to try again.
 It was a very frustrating experience; because I was doing some important code development using SAS, but sufficiently irregularly that the warning about the license expiry was seen by me within the last couple weeks of the expiry date.
 In my university mailbox I  recurrently get messages from SAS which are obviously mass-mailed to users of U.E.  Thus, I wonder what was the problem in doing a couple of mass mailings of that sort to warn people about the expiry date regardless of when they were actually accessing the program.
Anyway, with all the help cited above, I managed to do a complete  reinstallation.    I offer the following  partial listing of my steps and some precautions. I attempt  this contribution because I ran into a number of  unanticipated problems in the reinstallation process on my Macintosh running Yosemite.
0.  Download the latest versions of VirtualBox and SAS University Edition.
1.  Make a duplicate copy on an external drive of your entire SAS University Edition folder where all your data, source code etc. are kept, for safekeeping.
2. Open VirtualBox and use the Remove function to disconnect all SAS virtual machines shown in the left side panel. (I assume that you are using the VirtualBox only to access SAS)
3. Run Oracle's VirtualBox uninstall tool.
4. Completely trash from your computer the folder that contains the SAS virtual machine(s) (on the Mac, the folder is named “VirtualBox VMs”, and is located inside  [Volume name]>Users>[Name OfYourFolder] . I did put a backup copy on an external drive.
(Note: The key point of the last three steps is to ensure that when you next run VirtualBox it sees absolutely no trace of a previous installation of that software on your computer. I got into troubles until I took step 4.)
5. Be sure to clear the cache of the browser you would use to start SUE once you have successfully installed the latest version of VirtualBox. It seems like a good idea to aggressively clear the cache following any error message that you receive while trying to access SUE with that browser.
6.  Make sure that you use you carefully follow the steps in the SUE Quickstart Guide supplied by SAS and named “SASUnivEdQuickStartVirtualBox.pdf”. For now, be wary of the VirtualBox users manual supplied by Oracle, except to learn about virtual machines. I got into troubles trying to follow steps described in Oracle's manual.
PS.  I invite caveats about specific steps, since I expect that in the coming months I will need to use this procedure again.

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