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How to get confidence limits in PROC GLM?

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How to get confidence limits in PROC GLM?

 Sorry guys,  I am a beginner.

I would like perform a Linear regression with PROC GLM but cannot find out how to find confidence intervals to the parameter estimate. Similar to this https://communities.sas.com/t5/SAS-Statistical-Procedures/How-to-obtain-Confidence-Intervals-for-ind...   but I don't know where to put CLPARM.  Thanks so much in advance


This is my code: 


proc glmselect data=CORRECT.BASELINE outdesign(addinputvars)=Work.reg_design;
class Ethnicity / param=glm;
model VAT_Difference_Perc_Initial=Ethnicity /showpvalues selection=none;

proc reg data=Work.reg_design alpha=0.05 plots(only)=(diagnostics residuals
where Ethnicity is not missing;
ods select DiagnosticsPanel ResidualPlot ObservedByPredicted;
model VAT_Difference_Perc_Initial=&_GLSMOD /clb ;

proc delete data=Work.reg_design;

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Re: How to get confidence limits in PROC GLM?

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So your title says PROC GLM, but your code doesn't use PROC GLM?


Nevertheless, if you would simply go to SAS HELP, or Google, and search for CLPARM, you would find it. It is an option of the PROC GLM MODEL statement


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Re: How to get confidence limits in PROC GLM?

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Sorry about that!  

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