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How to Create Do-It-Yourself Reports with SAS® Studio

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How to Create Do-It-Yourself Reports with SAS® Studio

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Ever been a victim of your own success? You created a report that became so popular, you ended up running it over and over. Which was fine, but then your co-workers started bombarding you with: “Would you re-run it and just change ___?” (Fill in the blank with their “simple” request.)


You want to be helpful, but you've got your own work to do! What if they could create these reports themselves, without bothering you?


They can -- and you can set them up for success. Read and apply the steps in this great paper by @AmyP_sas and @ChristieC_SAS: Teach Them to Fish—How to Use Tasks in SAS® Studio to Enable CoWorkers to Run Your Reports Themselve...


You'll learn how to use predefined tasks, point-and-click user interfaces that guide the user through an analytical process. For example, tasks enable users to create a bar chart, run a correlation analysis, or rank data. When a user selects a task option, SAS® code is generated  and run on the SAS server.


The flexible task framework allows you to make a copy of a predefined task and modify it or create your own. "Tasks use the same common task model and the Velocity Template Language—no Java programming or ActionScript programming is required," the paper says. "Once you have the interface set up to generate the SAS code you need, you can publish the task for other SAS Studio users to use. Now that others can generate the output themselves, you actually might have time to go fishing!"


Try it and comment here how it works for you.

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