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How do I reset a SAS Studio session?

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How do I reset a SAS Studio session?

I'm working on a project where I need to take screen-shots of some task options in SAS Studio. Between images I need to reset the settings so that it looks like a fresh session. E.g. The HISTOGRAM task continues to populate the DATA option even if I close my browser. Because this affects the messages generated in the Code and it can't be deleted I can't get the images I need.


I've looked in preferences and set it to open a new process flow when logging in and I've closed all browser windows and started a new SAS Studio sesssion, but to no avail. 

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Re: How do I reset a SAS Studio session?

Hi dugginsj,


You can reset your SAS Studio session by renaming or deleting (at the risk of losing your customizations) your .sasstudio directory.  If you are using University Edition, it will be under SAS University Edition/myfolders.  At start-up time, SAS Studio will create another .sasstudio directory with default information.




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