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Forecast Studio Menu in Chinese

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Forecast Studio Menu in Chinese

Hi, I am using Forecast Studio at one of my clients and the menu is in Chinese. I am trying to convert it into English. I ran the SAS Deployment Manager and updated the Locale Setup Manager language to English but still it is showing the Menu in Chinese. Can someone help me out in this? Regards, Himanshu Garg
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Re: Forecast Studio Menu in Chinese

Hi Himanshu Garg,


If you want to change the language, you have to do it via /SASPreferences (web application).

From Regional, you can change the User locale.




It would apply to Forecast Studio and SAS Studio Mid-Tier for instance.




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Re: Forecast Studio Menu in Chinese

Hi Damien, How do we access the SAS Preferences. I run Forecast studio on a desktop but it is linked to company's server. Regards. Himanshu Garg
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