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Custom SAS Studio Tasks in EG?

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Custom SAS Studio Tasks in EG?

At the SAS conference, I was interested to learn that SAS Studio Tasks could be accessed from Enterprise Guide 7.12. Does anyone know if custom tasks built in SAS Studio could be accessed the same way in Enterprise Guide 7.12? I tried it and did not see the custom task but wasn't sure if I needed to do something special to make it appear in EG 7.12. Thanks.



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Re: Custom SAS Studio Tasks in EG?

Not yet.  You can use a subset of the delivered Studio tasks in EG but we've not yet completed the work to allow you to use your own custom tasks in EG.  Very much on the roadmap as are lots of other ways to make it easy to move between Studio and EG.  If you have other requirements or ideas, please post them!

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