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Can't download Output in RTF format

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Can't download Output in RTF format

Hello -

I have been using SAS Studio 3.6 in IE 11 for several weeks - and successfully downloading tables/charts from the output of PROC FREQ into an RTF file.  But this week when I attempt this, the RTF download button is greyed out.  That was true both with and without a PROC GCHART in the program.  And also true when using Chrome browser.


I use the RTF so I can then copy/paste the output into a tumblr blog, retaining the table formatting.


Can someone please suggest a solution, either to the changed options available, or to being able to copy the formatted info?


Thank you!

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Re: Can't download Output in RTF format

Hi cr16,


Not sure if that will be relevant for your case but did you check your preferences (should be next to Sign Out)?

Under Results, you have to be sure that RTF is selected (I think, I don't have the interface readily available).


Hope that helps.





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