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Automatically open SAS Code

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Automatically open SAS Code

I have a requirement where users would like to view models (SAS Code) and I'd like to use SAS Studio as the interface.  Does anyone know of a way to pass Studio either the SAS code as a Object, stream on a macro variable or reference the code that is previously stored some place.


I'd like to send users a URLthat when clicked opens Studio witht the code loaded in the editor.






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Re: Automatically open SAS Code

So this is an interesting question, and hopefully SAS will comment as well.


Perhaps Jupyter notebooks will work for you internally? Literally hot off the press Smiley Happy





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Re: Automatically open SAS Code

This is a requirement we've heard but I don't have anything to offer you yet.  The first folks that asked for this were other R&D groups at SAS.  Other applications want to use Studio to, for example, view a table, open a process flow diagram, open a task, or, as you mention, open the editor with specific code already displayed.  So basically "calling" Studio to come up in a certain state or with a certain asset open.  So what the Studio R&D team is working on is a more generalized command line framework (for lack of a better term) to provide a way for other SAS applications to invoke a SAS Studio session and perform actions in another browser tab.  I'm sorry I don't have an estimate for when this will be available, though.  


If you have a use case that doesn't seem to fit into what I'm describing, please post it so we can make sure to include it in the work going on.

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