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Please help we with this problem  to  count the missing values across raw with  two diamensional array.


Dataset name : Subset.csv. The following is the data set.


     i_Day5     Day6          Day7     City1            City2     City3

1   Friday      NA              NA          NA              Delhi     NA

2   NA            NA             NA          NA               NA        Mumbai

3   Friday      NA              NA          NA               NA        NA

4   Friday     Saturday     Na           Bangalore   Delhi      NA

5    NA          NA              NA           NA              NA         NA

6    Friday     Saturday    Sunday    Bangalore   Delhi     NA

7    NA          NA              NA           NA              Delhi     NA

8     NA         NA              NA           NA              NA        NA

9     NA          NA             NA           NA              NA        NA

10   Friday     Saturday   NA           NA               NA       NA



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Re: Arrays

And what do you expect the output to look like?


Note that to use values of variables "across" rows outside of IML is going to involve some work.


And 'NA' is not 'missing' as used by SAS. So it looks like your question may be the "the number of NA values".

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Re: Arrays

the output  the am looking is,  a  7th varable " No_of_Miss"  that contain the number of missing values(number of "NA") of each raws. Like...  Number of "NA" in the 1st raw  as the 1st  observation of "No_of_Miss",  number of "NA" in the 2nd raw as the second obsercation on"No_Of_Miss"....etc

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