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using sas stored process parameters how to dynamically change the values

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using sas stored process parameters how to dynamically change the values


I created 5 parameters in sas stored process,newdatasetname,groupno,groupsub,groupstatus,datasetlist,i am creating every time with newdata set and inserting with multiple values in(groupno,groupsub,groupstatus).

example:newdataset name:group

groupno groupsub groupstatus
100 123 yes
200 456 no
300 789 yes

my problem is when i creating with newdataset,new dataset name(group) must be adding to other parameter name datasetlist,i need to popup all these newdatasets list in this box.i need to updated values dynamically.

Is it possible in sas stored process,please help me in this issue,please suggest any other solutions.

thank you
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Re: using sas stored process parameters how to dynamically change the values

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At this time (SAS 9.1.3), dynamic or cascading parameter values are not possible using the "standard" client applications, such as Enterprise Guide, or the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office.

Dynamic parameters would be stored process parameters whose value changes when the underlying data changes (for example -- you build a stored process and are doing business in Spain, France and Germany -- so you make a parameter for COUNTRY and only those 3 countries show up in the parameter value constraint/selection list. When you start doing business in Belgium -- then Belgium automatically shows up as a parameter selection choice for the COUNTRY parameter.) Cascading parameters are the kind of parameter where you pick a country from a list and the next parameter choice for city will only show you the cities in the country that you picked.

If you need or want that kind of functionality, right now, then you are going to have to go down the path of writing your own front end application -- either with PHP or JavaScript or ActiveX or C++ or JSP or ...

Consult with Tech Support or refer to the Integration Technologies and Stored Process Web Application documentation for examples of custom applications that use SAS Stored Processes.

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