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stp user id in email

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stp user id in email

I am getting email sender as esasspsrv (macro variable as &sysuserid from stored process server) user id instead of getting macro variable as &_metauser or &_metaperson.

how can i get email sender as &_metauser instead of &sysuserid in


my email logic


%macro email_comm;

Data _null_;

    FILENAME myemail EMAIL (&email_id)
    CC=(&cc_email_id1 &cc_email_id2)
       Subject = "Pushed button  to schedule on  ";

     file myemail;
     put "Hi All,";
     put " ";
     put "Pushed  to schedule on  ";




To: <>
From: <>
Date: 03/12/2012 04:53PM
Cc: <>,
Subject: Pushed button to schedule on

Hi All,

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stp user id in email

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I don't believe the filename statement supports a FROM option.  However, you can use publishing to send emails and it does support a FROM option.  See this documentation:


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stp user id in email


Just try adding a from=

   FILENAME myemail EMAIL (&email_id)

from = "&_metaperson. <&> "
There are certain conditions under which this would not work. Depending on your mail protocols.. Hence try it out..

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