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stored process security context webservice

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stored process security context webservice


I am newbeee in the sas world and pardon me if my question does not make sense.

we have published a stored process as a webservice and trying to execute/test the webservice from other system and SOAP UI.

We are constantly getting the following error:-


         <faultstring xml:lang="en">A 'Client Authentication' type of exception occurred during execution of 'AIG/QA/PCSEVSEG' service.  The exception follows: No security context is available.</faultstring>

         <detail xmlns:fault="">

            <fault:Fault code="1000"/>


The SAS admin has tried installing a self signed certificate but we are still getting the above error. The certificate is also installed on the source machine calling it.

Is there anyway we can execute or call this webservice without any security required. We dont want to have any security enabled for this webservice if possible. I know this is possible in other webservers not sure if SAS 9.4 Webserver provides with this option.

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Re: stored process security context webservice




The following SOAP request works fine for me:


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:mers="" xmlns:wsse="">
<wsseSmiley Frustratedecurity>
<wsseSmiley Tongueassword>***</wsseSmiley Tongueassword>
</wsseSmiley Frustratedecurity>






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