Your SAS programs, embedded in web apps and elsewhere mapping to Stored Process?

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I would like to port our sas Intranet application to Stored Process ...

The part of the url [ ""] is hard coded in lot of sas code.
in scl, slist, class, etc. .. - so not so easy to rewrite to Stored process...

is it possible to register stored process at "" name without Path?
And this stored process is calling the -code?
so I should'nt change the URL of the IntrNet code ..

What I have tried :
- The SMC is forcing to give a path - and I can't register in the root ...
But I think it will be a good suggestion in the next version ...

- or is this exist some TomCat hack to rewrite "_program" value
that can emulate the SAS IntraNet behavior ?

like -->
from: .....
to : ..... _program=sbip://hack/stprunen&

Thanks in advance ..
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Re: mapping to Stored Process?

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This is really a question for Tech Support. It was my understanding that your stored process contained the call to STPRUNEN or else you wrote your own "wrapper" to call the SCL program. You cannot register the SCL program as an SP.

Refer to these papers/documentation for more information:
where it states that:
The stored process server cannot directly execute SOURCE, MACRO, or SCL catalog entries. You must write a wrapper .sas source code file that executes the catalog entry.

If there were any workarounds (or "hacks"), the only folks who might know them would be Tech Support.

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