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passphrase as a single key

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passphrase as a single key

Greetings!  I am writing to see a method (perhaps some macro or script) can be provided to open the password protected files in SAS without having to manually type the password every time for 125 files.

Each file has same password that is really long with special charaters like [.

After the file is opened with the long key, the data opens in the new sas window with a code and after this code is executed the program saves the file. 


Data file sender suggested two options for Windows :

  1. Use VBS (Visual Basic) to send the passphrase as a single key into the GUI window or
  2. Purchase PGP for Windows or Linux and use PGP to decrypt without the limits of the "self-decrypting (archive)".

Can this task be performed using SAS bypassing the above two options ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: passphrase as a single key

Can you describe the application a bit more?
Even posted in the StP forum it doesn't sound like you at this point is using Stp's.
Depending on what the program does StP could be a fit, and the password can be hard coded there, or in a macro that you call.
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