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parameter only if variable not already defined?

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parameter only if variable not already defined?


I have created a stored process in EG which basically only makes a parameter and sets that variable. I use this stored process in my Information Map so that I can use the parameter as a prefilter to prefilter on Branche.

For a report I am creating three sections in WRS and each section uses a different Information Map. Each Information map needs the Branche prefilter. But now, every time a user clicks to a different section, they have to specify which Branche they want to view. It would be better if they just get that question once.

Now I assume that even though each section uses a different information map, the whole report just uses 1 session. Is it possible to put an if/else statement in my stored process so that it checks if the parameter variable has already been set yes or no, if not, ask for the parameter, if yes, don't ask and just use the variable.
Is this possible and how?
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