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master batch file

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master batch file

There is a process of creating a batch file in which we list all the jobs and specify the locations where Logs and Outputs to be stored.

In the batch file we include few things like SAS root address and the Log address and all.

For that there would be a batch file which would hold the entire list. If possible can u give the sample file (sample code) ???
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Re: master batch file

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I'm not sure if I getting this right. Do you already have a batch script, and want to add some more functionality to it? What environment are you in (Windows, UNIX ZOS...) ?
You can create and manage batch processing both from OS scripting languages and by SAS processing. The choice between these options depends on your application, the administrators knowledge, scheduling tool, corporate standards etc.

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Re: master batch file

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Also, if you are talking about the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform and stored processes, you will probably have a separate configuration/startup file for the Stored Process server and another configuration/startup file for the Workspace server.

These files should not be altered except with input from your Enterprise Intelligence Platform Administrator or help from Tech Support.

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