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how to distribute the output of a storedprocess

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how to distribute the output of a storedprocess

I have Stored process whose output is generated as a Txt file.
I want to distribute this output through SAS WRS according to group breaks which i have specfied in List data task.
WRS there is one feature to distribute, it worked for a report generated through infomap.
Can anyone tell me how should i go for stored process?
Basically i want to send a report as an email but not the whole report to everyone but according to branches i.e. branch1
where branch is specfied in my group by of List data task.
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Re: how to distribute the output of a storedprocess

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There is a lot you're going to have to do to make this work and all of it is going to be configuration specific to your installation, your webDAV repository and the kind of email server (SMTP, POP, etc) that you have.

I believe that distributing a report using Web Report Studio and publishing a report to the webDAV repository so it can be accessed with Web Report Studio and emailing your stored process results based on group values are 3 very different tasks and EACH of these tasks comes with configuration, coding and other installation-specific issues..

Your best for help with this question is to research in the Platform Administration documentation, the webDAV documentation, the Web Report Studio documentation and to contact Tech Support.

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