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call an external DLL

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call an external DLL


I'm a little bit lost and I'm wondering if you can help me. I hope it's the good forum place.
In sas 8 /9 foundation, I know (I believe) that I can't call a external DLL from SAS that returns a stream of data in the memory. MODULExx functions can't receive only a variable and not something big.
With 9 BI, I think it's possible but I'm not clear with the process and I'd like to know if you can send me the web site links for that : Is it linked with SOAP ( ? ... don't know : SOAP is for web services and I don't want to create a web service and I want to call a DLL from a SAS client and reach an application that we only can reach by this DLL.

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Re: call an external DLL

You might consider contacting Tech Support for help understanding the syntax of these examples. You might need to explain to Tech Support what your DLL is doing to see whether you want to use this method or whether this method will work in the BI platform:

The SAS Companion for your operating system may also have some information about this technique. Again, if you are working in the BI environment, I highly recommend that you contact Tech Support to find out whether this technique will work in that environment.
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