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autorun scheduled background job in parallel process

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autorun scheduled background job in parallel process


Have little knowledge on Submitting background jobs in Unix.
We have a script that run automatically as soon as the data gets updated.
I parallel process a job into three parallel process, see below. Each is independent of the other, uses different input files but follows the same logic in generating the output datasets.


nohup sas9 /pgms_rx/ &
nohup sas9 /pgms_rx/ &
nohup sas9 /pgms_rx/ &

I would like to run another sas program that convers the output of all these three processes into a single pipe delimited zipped file. I did wrtie a program to do this .
but how can i automate it, i.e., include it in the script file. Once all the above three process generate output datasets successfully run the program that generated the desired output.

Let me know if you have further questions.
Thank you.
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Re: autorun scheduled background job in parallel process

A few techniques come to mind, however I found a technical conference paper at the SAS support website which discusses parallel processing. And for your successor SAS program, you can use a technique that detects the presence (or lack) of "gate" file(s), such that when all are present you proceed with your follow-on SAS program execution.

Or, maybe your enterprise already has a job scheduler specifically for this purpose - maybe ask around.

Regardless, I'm sure you can find a suitable tool/technique with SAS - take advantage of the support website and its resources.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

Parallel Processing on the Cheap: Using Unix Pipes to Run SAS® Programs in Parallel
Ted Conway, Ted Conway Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL
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