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XmlHttpRequest gets redirected to SAS logon manager

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XmlHttpRequest gets redirected to SAS logon manager



I have a webpage that contains a html form. Previously (in SAS 9.1) when a user opened the webpage, a drop-down menu was populated with live data from SAS. This was done by calling a stored process inline via a XmlHttpRequest and then populating the drop-down with the response from the stored process.


This worked fine for many years, however since migrating from SAS 9.1 to SAS 9.4, the drop-down menu gets populated, but it seems to get populated with the html from the SAS Logon Manager page, so I think the stored process server is looking for credentials.


I am passing default credentials (&_username=xxxxxxx&_password=yyyyyyyyy) that work fine if I just paste the URL into a web browser, but don't seem to work when I do the xmlhttprequest.


Here's a snippet of the javascript I'm using:


xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();

stringToSend = new String();
stringToSend = "";"GET", stringToSend, true);



Has anyone seen this before? Can you suggest a way around it?




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Re: XmlHttpRequest gets redirected to SAS logon manager



Basic HTTP authentication for a SAS® Stored Process might not work after you migrate to SAS® 9.4. You can avoid this problem by using the following workaround:

On the Plug-ins tab in SAS® Management Console, select Application Management ► Configuration Manager ► SAS Application Infrastructure ► Stored Process Web App 9.4 ► Properties. On the Advanced tab in the properties dialog box, add the property name and value:


  • For Property Name, enter App.AcceptDirectCredentials.
  • For Property Value, enter true.


Save the changes.
Restart your application web server to activate the change.

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Re: XmlHttpRequest gets redirected to SAS logon manager

@alexal I did not know about this! Thanks, would have come in useful a couple of times this year.


@AMK if you're looking to build any more AJAX-based apps, we manage a library for this that handles SASLogon redirection & data transmission. You might find it interesting.



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