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Writing Output to a Unix location

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Writing Output to a Unix location


I am researching frantically for a sample code that would write the output from a stored process to a unix location. My original stored process code is long and complex - so I started with a simple one like this:



ods pdf "/sasstg/.../saspert/sashelp_class.pdf";

proc print data=sashelp.class;

where age=&inputage ;


ods _all_ close;


I created this stored process in EG and also created the inputage as a required input variable in the Parameters Step. When I run it using the SP web application, I do get the output in a new IE tab. But, there is no output being generated on the unix location. Any suggestions why that would be the case? Please note that I have no access to SAS Management Console at my client's location.

I reviewed some of the older threads but they are like my scenarios but not exactly identical.

The reason why I am trying to redirect the output to unix rather than _webout is another long story. I have a SAS Track for that if anyone is interested to review that ( [SAS 7610623830] Report on Stored Process Server having intermittent outage issues). Please note that my current priority is to generate the output somehow in some location that can be retrieved.

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Writing Output to a Unix location

The following code works correctly on my machine:

ods pdf body="C:\SAS\Packages93\sample.pdf";
proc print data=sashelp.class(obs=1);
ods _all_ close;

I set the stored process to run on Stored Process Server and generate both Streaming and Package result types.
No prompts or target/source data elements are defined in the metadata for this one.

Looking at your ods statement, the BODY= statement is missing. Not sure if that is a typo or the issue that you are having.
Check the stored process logs and add them here if your still having trouble.

~ Angela Hall

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