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Web services call error on Advanced Rest Client

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Web services call error on Advanced Rest Client



While trying to call a Stored Process Web Service as a Restful Web service on Advanced Rest Client, it throws 500: Internal Server Error. It worked fine a couple of days back.


The log says "2017-01-18T12:10:00,336 INFO  [00014361] :sasevs@saspw - New client connection (1158) accepted from server port 8561 for user sasevs@saspw. Encryption level is Credentials using encryption algorithm SASPROPRIETARY. Peer IP address and port are []:55846 for APPNAME=Environment Manager 904400.
2017-01-18T12:10:00,342 INFO  [00014370] 1158:sasins - Client connection 1158 for user sasevs@saspw closed."

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Re: Web services call error on Advanced Rest Client

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You're looking at the wrong bit of the wrong log - that's your metadata log showing a connection from an internal user used by Environment Manager.


Assuming you're on 9.4 (because of said sasevs user), you should check server.log under Lev1/Web/WebAppServer/SASServer1_1/logs. There will be exceptions in there that hint to the underlying problem. 


Alternatively, if it worked until a couple of days ago then a restart of SASServer1 may fix your issue.



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