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Web form to sas table

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Web form to sas table

Dear Sas users!
Could you please give here a brief example of submitting data from a web form to a sas table. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Web form to sas table

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Generally, form processing follows this model, assuming that you have a standard HTML form to collect user input information.

1) Users enter information in an HTML form using their Web browser and then submit it. The information is passed to the Web server which invokes a program specified using the HTML FORM ACTION:

a) If you are using SAS/IntrNet, then you would usually be invoking an Application Dispatcher program using the Application broker via a URL like this:

b) If you are using the BI platform, then you would usually be invoking a stored process program using the Stored Process Web Application via a URL like this:

2) Either the SAS/IntrNet components process the request (A) or the Stored Process Web Application and the BI Platform servers process the request (B). The results of the SAS program are usually sent back to the browser as streaming results. If you are using SAS Stored Processes, you have the alternative of publishing the SP results to a webDAV location.

There's not a good way to post an example here, since it involves more than just a set of linked files: an HTML form, the SAS/IntrNet program or Stored Process that will be invoked when the form fields are sent. There's also considerable infrastructure and configuration that needs to be in place, depending on whether you are using SAS/IntrNet or the BI Platform.

I suggest you refer to the documentation and/or sample programs for the software you plan to use to process your HTML form data. Or, Tech Support could help you get aimed in the right direction for what you want to do.

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Re: Web form to sas table

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Thank you, Cynthia!
I've got the result wanted thanks to your comments. My case was BI and the challenge for me was the line after
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