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WRS and SP + parameters

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WRS and SP + parameters


Background : I build a program that simulate a customer behavior under constraints. At the end of the simulation the result data are loaded within an Oracle table. Several reports on WRS show these results.

Let say that a SP contains the simulation and finally update this ORACLE table. I imagine that I have to link this SP to the map of my reports. When my users will open the report, the SP will update the ORACLE table and the reports will be updated with the new data. Right ?

Now, let say that my SP needs input parameters that the users have to fill when they open the reports. This is my constraints.

Is it possible to have a SP+parameters linked to a map called by the report ? I mean, when my users will open the report on WRS, do WRS will show in a first step a page with the parameters to fill, execute the simulation based on these constraints and finally show the reports ?

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Re: WRS and SP + parameters

Hi Stephane,

of course you can use a information map based on a Stored Process (with ou without parametres). If there is parameter(s), the user of your report will be prompt at the execution time.

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