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WARNING: No logical assign for filename _WEBOUT.

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WARNING: No logical assign for filename _WEBOUT.

I want to create a simple web page that uses an AJAX call to get json type data from a SAS program and returns the data to the web page. 


I want to run a very simple sas stored process: 


proc json out=_webout;
export sashelp.class (where=(age=11)) / nokeys nosastags;


but I got an error when I want to run this stored process, here is my log: 





I am very new in sas. I would really be appriciated if someone helps me!

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Re: WARNING: No logical assign for filename _WEBOUT.

add at the beginnig of the code the next statement:


FILENAME _WEBOUT URL ' ... enter here a URL to your web file ...';


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Re: WARNING: No logical assign for filename _WEBOUT.

Hi Samira,


_webout is a reserved filename used by stored procedure server to send the data back to web server which in turn sends it to your browser.


I can see you are executing your code on PC SAS. Try creating a stored procedure instead and run that stored procedure in your browser. Let me know here if you need help creating a stored procedure.




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