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View code of stored procedures

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View code of stored procedures


I am very new to SAS but need to view the code of a stored procedure through DI studio and I am unsure how to do this and as it is on a live system I do not want to experiement.

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Re: View code of stored procedures

SAS uses stored process programs (not stored procedures) which are stored in a location known to the metadata. This location is called a stored process repository.

If you use SAS Management Console to look at the stored process property information, you will see where that location is on the Execution information tab. In addition, on another tab, you will see the parameters that are set for that particular stored process.

Once you know the correct location, you could look at the stored process code with Notepad or any text editor. However, I suggest that you talk to the stored process developer or author or your SAS Administrator for more help with your task. It is possible that looking at the stored process code won't answer your question, (particularly if the stored process is using a lot of macro programming) and it's handy to know who the other folks are who are responsible for configuring and using the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform.

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Re: View code of stored procedures

Please can you tell me how to check the stored process property information in SAS management console so I can check its location please?

Many thanks.
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Re: View code of stored procedures

Hello Kevrow,

If u want see the stored process(sp) program code which is created in DI studio.

While creating sp in di studio, u will get stored process name with icon----right click-->properties--> execution
here u will find the path(location of the stored process) it will be saved in the form of

u can open these with note pad or eg or sas 9.1.3.

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Re: View code of stored procedures

Many thanks, I have now found the code using your description and we are investigating.
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