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VB.Net, stored process, and XML parameters

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VB.Net, stored process, and XML parameters

Can anyone point me to a simple code sample passing an XML document as a parameter? I can call the remote via the COM+ interface and run a proc setinit or any other code, but I can't seem to find a good sample where I need to pass documents around.

I'd be perfectly happy at this point with just locating a simple sample that does nothing more than a proc print from the input.

The remote server is a Win2k3 x64 server running 9.2, Integration Technologies, and has a metadata server running. Not sure if that makes any difference or not.

Any suggestions, thoughts, or links?
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Re: VB.Net, stored process, and XML parameters

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It turns out that once I was able to configure and deploy the 9.2 software I was able to easily use the XMLA interfaces to send in the input data and from there it's just normal SOAP calls.

This saves a lot of code over trying to use the COM+ API over .Net
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