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Time out of stored process

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Time out of stored process

I am running a stored process and streaming the output to _webout (webpage). The report times out when the SAS server is too slow and gives me a blank page instead of the result. The time out occurs when the report takes more than 5 minutes to execute.

Is there any way to increase the time out, so that the report gives a result, even if the process take 10 minutes to get the result?
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Re: Time out of stored process

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The server configuration and fine tuning is generally done by the SAS Administrator who has access to SAS Management Console. That person generally also has access to the Platform Administration Guide which explains installing and configuring servers.

These Tech Support notes may have relevant information:

However, I strongly recommend that you do not change your server configuration until you consult with your SAS Administrator and/or read the Platform Administration guide on the topic of server configuration and/or consult with Tech Support.

It may be that your stored process could be tuned better instead of increasing the timeout setting on the server. It may be that your server time out does need to increase. It is impossible to determine which is the case without seeing the stored process in question and understanding your site's current server configuration.

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