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Storing and retreiving Scenario Analysis using SAS Stored Process

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Storing and retreiving Scenario Analysis using SAS Stored Process

Hi All,


We are building an web Application using SAS Stored Process,   As part of the design , we have the following


1) First Stored process which would be surfacing the front end UI which will consist of the various controls to accept user inputs.

2) Second stored process which will run the VaR / Co-variance VaR based on the input captured from the front end UI.

3) Third Stored process which will showcase the output of the analysis back on the same screen.

4) The last stored process to do a stress analysis based on the exposure.


Couple of things required by the client is

1) Ability to store the graph or retrieve and store the underlying data for further analysis and reference purpose.

2) Ability to store the scenario analysis for further reference and use,  in short, incase the user wants to come back and re run the analysis on the latest data, he should be able to do so , without having to input anything again.


Though we are ascertaining the feasibility of the above by using SAS STP,  just thought to check if a similar work has been done in the past, if yes, any documentation we can refer here.




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Re: Storing and retreiving Scenario Analysis using SAS Stored Process

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Hello Ronny,

I don't have any documentation that I could share with you, but here is my 2 cents:
1. You can certainly store the graph either on the SAS content manager or anywhere else you like. It can be easily be exported and stored. Have a look at the documentation:
2. In regards to your second point, you can easily store input parameters after you have serialised your form or input fields. It depends on your front end UI if you can easily load it back. Should be a simple enough job with AngularJS, can't be done easily with jQuery. By the way, If you want to reproduce the same results, you must have a data warehouse that is versioned so that you can easily select data that was current on a particular date.




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