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Stored process that runs for more than one hour

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Stored process that runs for more than one hour

I'm submitting a stored process which runs for more than an hour.I use web application to run the stored process.The screen becomes time out .
Is there any way by which this could be solved.
Is there any other method by which we can submit the job.My code has several input parameters to be entered and that's why i created a stored process and running the application from web.

Suggest me the best method to run such programs which takes longer hours.

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Re: Stored process that runs for more than one hour

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In DI Studio, you can turn your stored process into a DI Studio job and then you could set it up to run with the scheduler.

However, I'd recommend that you first contact Tech Support on this question. They can look at your code and your log and your server settings and perhaps help you improve the response time for the stored process. Just because the SP has input parameters does not automatically mean that the SP needs to be executed from the web (via URL). Have you set a default value for your parameters in the SAS code, so the SP could run from one of the client applications? If you run a parallel test using EG to submit the SP, does the SP take as long to run? These are all questions that Tech Support can work with you on to help you arrive at the best solution.

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