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Stored process in SAS EG

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Stored process in SAS EG

Am new to SAS and it is simple question for SAS experts. But i need a help over here.
Can anyone tell me how to create a stored process in SAS EG 4.2? I gone through the documents, but i dont get a clarity effectively.

It would be great if i receive the answers with example. Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Re: Stored process in SAS EG

Creating Stored Process in SAS EG is very simple.

Open your program or project in EG.

If you want to create Stored Process (SP) based on a single program then right click on Program name, select create Stored Process. It will open SP wizard. Follow each step.

If you want to create SP from project then right click on project flow and select create Stored Process.lp you

Hope this will help you.

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Re: Stored process in SAS EG

One more way to create/save stored process is to use "store" option.

For example:

libname lib_name "<path>";

options MSTORED SASMSTORE = lib_name;

%macro new_macro / store;

   /* Any code */


Now macro new_macro is stored into sasmacr catalog in library lib_name.

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