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Stored Process parameter refresh

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Stored Process parameter refresh

I have a stored process that is creating a filtered dataset based on parameters.
I also have another stored process that refreshes the LOVs of the first SP to contain distinct values found in the source mart.
When I run the SP to create my dataset in Enterprise guide I am presented with the refreshed list of values, however when I run a report in WRS that references the SP it is giving me the list from the last time I saved the report.
Do I need to do something extra in order to see the new LOV in WRS?
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Re: Stored Process parameter refresh

I asked the Web Report Studio development staff for guidance, but that raised more questions. Please open a track with our Technical Support department at:

Vince DelGobbo
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Re: Stored Process parameter refresh

Dear Web Report Studio Users,

In order to make SAS Web Report Studio (WRS) a better reporting tool, WRS will be conducting a few different usability tests on future design prototypes. We would love to get feedback on these designs from WRS users. In order to set up these tests, please take a five minute survey so we can place you in the appropriate usability test.

Future usabiltiy tests will be conducted within the new SAS support site WRS forum.

If you have any questions or encounter technical difficulties, please contact Jennifer Cowley at

Many thanks,
SAS Web Report Studio Usability
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