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Stored Process for BI Dashboards

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Stored Process for BI Dashboards

I created and deployed a simple stored process but I am unable to load this into a BI Dashboard. Are there others settings I need to put on the stored process aside from make the return type a package? When I attempt to use the stored process for the dashboard it does not show me any tables to use.


%macro checkrc(text);

  if rc ne 0 then do;


  put msg=;



  put "&text succeeded";

%mend checkrc;

data _NULL_;


  call package_begin(pid,desc,nameV,rc);

  %checkrc(Package Init);

  call insert_dataset(pid,"sashelp","cars","Car Types",'',rc);

  %checkrc(Package Dataset);

  length fullpath $4096;

  call package_publish(pid,"TO_ARCHIVE",rc,"archive_path,archive_name,archive_fullpath","&_ARCHIVE_PATH","&_ARCHIVE_NAME",fullpath);

  %checkrc(Package Publish);

  putlog fullpath;

  call symput('_ARCHIVE_FULLPATH',fullpath);

  call package_end(pid,rc);

  %checkrc(Package Term);


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Re: Stored Process for BI Dashboards

Hi Bream,

Can you tell what exact msg you are getting when you executed stored process from EG.

If you are getting msg like Package created with no tables .Then Solution for that is turn off The Stored process Macros from Include codes from SAS EG modifed Stored process .%stpbegin and %stpend;


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Re: Stored Process for BI Dashboards

Hey bream_bn,

Were you able to get this resolved? I am having similar problems, where I get an error in BI Dashboard saying "The value of a fixed prompt cannot be changed: _result". I am not modifying the value of the _result prompt anywhere in the code.

Any help would be appreciated.

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