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Stored Process and Date-Parameters

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Stored Process and Date-Parameters


I have a problem with Date-Parameters and Stored Processes.

I am building a new report which is supposed to have a Date-Parameter. I created this Report with EG 4.1 and built the parameter via Parameter Manager.
When I run my report everything works perfectly - I have a prompt and I chose the date I want to be the effective date.
But when I try to create a stored process there a problems compiling the source code. The error message is something like "... you have to enclose a date-variable with comma". With this Error Message I am not able to create this stored process respectively run the stored process if I ignore the Error Message.

I hope you can help me with this problem and point a solution.

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Re: Stored Process and Date-Parameters

It is really difficult to tell what is happening without seeing the prompt definition, stored process source code, and SAS log.

Date prompts return values to the stored process code using the format DDMMMYYYY, so your stored process code needs to be able to handle that format.

Vince DelGobbo
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