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Stored Process Reports in SAS AMO and questions about generations

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Stored Process Reports in SAS AMO and questions about generations

This is on SAS 9.4 M3, and I am the creator/owner of the stored processes and stored process reports.


Besides the ~3 pages of documentation in the developer's guide, is there any other place to find documentation on stored process reports? 


Issues I am having:


- While I can access the stored process reports through the stored process web portal, can I do so through the SAS AMO?  I can access my stored processes in AMO, but the reports don't show up.  Under "Files of type:" selector, there is an option for "SAS Report Files" which I thought meant stored process reports.


- Say I have the stored process report configured to 1 maximum retained generation that never expires.  I take this to mean that once the report exists, it should never need to re-run the underlying stored process.  However, in SAS MC, under the "output" tab", there's 1 generation item, but there is a column called "Number" that seems to increment whenever I access it, and the Creation Time keeps changing to the time I last accessed it, which to me implies the stored process is being re-run, which I thought it shouldn't be doing. 


- Say I set it to 5 maximum retained generations - every time I access the report it creates a new generation in SAS MC.  I'm confused since I would think creating a generation would mean the report had been re-run, or is that not true?


- The documentation talks about being able to force refresh the report and choosing from different generations, but I don't see how this is done.  I changed the properties of the report so it would retain multiple generations, but in SAS MC all I see is a "delete" generation button, so I do not see how I would select a specific generation for presentation.  I also don't see any functionality within the SAS stored process web portal do do this either.

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