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Stored Process Input Stream - how to use?

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Stored Process Input Stream - how to use?

I would like to use Input Streams option in the step of Output/Input of creating a stored process. How can I use this option to pass a huge list of values populated into a parameter value at run-time.
Can anyone give me an example of doing this?

I have a big list of 10K CPT Codes hard coded in a text file. I want them to populate into an input parameter when I invoke the stored process. This list is big to add manually to a parameter.
Input streams are an alternative way of providing data to a stored process at run time. Input streams usually consist of XML data that originates in a remote application, such as a Web service.

Thank you!
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Re: Stored Process Input Stream - how to use?

I don't believe that Input Streams were meant to populate a parameter list or if they even COULD populate a parameter list. Since the constraints for the parameter list lives in the metadata, it sounds like you want the parameter list to be dynamically updated "on the fly" from your stream. I am not sure that you can do this with streamed input to a stored process.

As an example of using stream input, in this Stored Process, the data from the stream (INSTREAM libref) is being sent to PROC MEANS:

This is a question that is probably best answered by Tech Support.

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