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Stored Process App - STP Samples Link intro

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Stored Process App - STP Samples Link intro

When I go into the stored process application (using SAS 9.1.3) there is a link called Stored Process Samples. I wanted to make one of the STP's that I have also show up in that link. Although the STP I have is in the same Foundation path as the others, it will not show in the link. I do notice that the link points to a index.jsp. My question(s) is how to make my STP show along these sample list?
Also, why does the metadata icon ( little man running) appear on the list eventhough this foundation path is locked down unless you enter through the metadata ( however, although one can get to teh parameter page , one can't run it unless authenticated).

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Re: Stored Process App - STP Samples Link intro

To add your own stored process to the table, you need to edit the file "index.jsp". You can copy-and-paste the HTML used to create row in the table, and then change the values to point to your stored process.

The icon is just an indication that the item in the table is a SAS Stored Process.

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