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Store processes, EG and proc surveymeans

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Store processes, EG and proc surveymeans

My problem is this.

I have delvelop a report with EG there I use proc surveymeans. The problem with proc surveymeans is that there is no noprint option to prevent output. I thought I could solve it with "ods listing close".

But then I create a SP, the output was there. I can turn all of with "ods _all_ close" but then, there is no way to turn the rigth ods on and I got no output, even the desired output. Can someone help me to solve this problem?

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Store processes, EG and proc surveymeans

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I think you can try and use the _webout for printing your required report.

First thing In your STP uncheck the option "Stored Process Macros" under "Include Code For"

select Stored Process Sever   ---and Streaming Output as your execution Options

Then as per the below code whatever staments you write between you ods html should only be displayed in your output.

proc print;



ods html body=_webout;

proc print data=sashelp.class;


ods html close;

Hope this helps...

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