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Sored Process runs in EG, but not in WRS

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Sored Process runs in EG, but not in WRS

I have a stored process that runs OK in EG, but causes errors in WRS. I've contacted Tech Support, who advise to remove the NOBYLINES statment from my OPTIONS line..... however, if I remove that command, how might I then print reports for variious groups? I've got the #byVAL(mygroup names) in my report header, as well as the BY commands needed.

Is there anohther way to have my report break on each group, with the group name in the report header?

Thanks so much to all who reply!
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Re: Sored Process runs in EG, but not in WRS

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I'm not sure that the problem is NOBYLINE. I had this sample stored process that works in both Web Report Studio and EG and other client applications:
options nobyline nodate nonumber;

proc report nowd;
where region in ('Asia', 'Canada', 'Pacific');
by region;
title 'Report for Region: #byval(region)';
column product sales;
define product /group;
define sales/sum;
rbreak after/ summarize;
compute after;
product = 'Total';


Does your stored process also use PROC REPORT with LINE statements??? It might have been the LINE statement that was causing problems. The SASReport XML that is used by Web Report Studio has issues with PROC REPORT and the LINE statement.

I still think it's an issue for you to work on with Tech Support; however, I also think that you should look for some other code that's breaking in Web Report Studio.

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