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Shared Prompt Issue

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Shared Prompt Issue

Hi All,

   I have an issue with shared prompts.

We are migrating our stored process from v9.2 to v9.3. I have many stored process which has numberical range shared prompts (lets say prompt_1).

When I give values to numerical range shared prompts and click run button, then it says you did not give values to prompt--> prompt_1. eventhough I had given it!.

I tried with giving default values for the same numberical range shared prompts. then it did not say that I did not give values.But the big issues is that it always takes the default values, not the user provided values.

Also note that I have apply button for the numerical range shared prompts in v9.2 (portal v4.3), but NOT in v9.3 (portal v4.31_M2).

Do you know how to get the apply button in v9.3 (portal v4.31_M2) ?.

It will be great help if anyone helps to solve this issues. Thank you in advance.



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Re: Shared Prompt Issue

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Do you already have a SAS-track?

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Re: Shared Prompt Issue

My Admin team has raised it. I dont have the track details now.

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