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Sas system expired - could not renew license

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Sas system expired - could not renew license

I came from a long leave from my work and when I came back the SAS 9.1 from my PC is already expired. My colleagues already have the new setinit for the usual license renewal, but when I tried it, it didn't work and I received the error message below

SAS Message Log
ERROR: The current date of Monday, February 15, 2010 is past the final expiration date of your SAS system, which is Friday, February 12, 2010. Please contact your SAS Software Representative to obtain you updated SETINIT information.

What I did is the following below.

1. I requested for a temporary license extension thru
2. Renew the system using the temporary license extension
3. Renew again the software using the original setinit data w/c is given by our SAS representative

I don't know if I done it correctly, but it's working.

Hoping for your advise. Thanks
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Re: Sas system expired - could not renew license

I don't know the solution to your problem, but a quick search of turned up this SAS Usage Note:

Usage Note 22360: I am trying to apply a SETINIT but my SAS System is fully expired. How can I get my SETINIT to apply?

You could also try opening a track with our Technical Support Department:

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Re: Sas system expired - could not renew license

Try running the license renewal utility named sasrenew.exe. A link to it can be found in Windows under Programs > SAS >SAS License Renewal & Utilities. Follow the instrucitons provided and have the latest copy of your license file ready for use (setinit).
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Re: Sas system expired - could not renew license


After you have tried applying the license renewal using the utility and it still doesn't work, you might want to try looking at the setinit.sss file found in your SAS directory and compare the setinit procedure found there is the same as the setinit procedure in the new license. If it's different copy the setinit procedure in the new license and replace what's in the setinit.sss file. Don't forget to create a backup of your setinit.sss file before trying to do this. Hope this helps.

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