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STP - problem importing datetime from Excel

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STP - problem importing datetime from Excel

Does anyone know if there is a problem with the MS Add-in instreaming data from Excel to a STP in Datetime format?  I created a flow in EG that imports an Excel file which contains columns of Datetime formats.  Those datetimes are used as part of a filtering query and then summarized data is output.  The process works just fine within EG. But when I I convert it to a STP and modify the STP under SMC to accept an instream from Excel (the user provides the list of data with datetimes they want processed), apparently what is passed back to the STP is a just a date format.  The columns in Excel are clearly formatted and display datetime, but troubleshooting, I put the values to the log and saw that the resulting data was the raw date format and not a datetime. 

I have tried a variety of different of importing formats but I am always getting errors.  Anyone have experience pulling datetimes from Excel into a STP?



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